Canoes For Sale

sycamore bed



western red cedar strips
walnut strips
ash inwale / outwale
ash seats
ash thwart
2 part epoxy glue
6 ounce fiberglass inside and out
3 coats epoxy resin inside and out
6 coats Minwax urethane spar varnish inside and out
Carnuba wax inside and out
brass or stainless steel screws
ash and walnut stems and decks
length = 16'
width = 34"
weight = 65 lbs



We accept cash or checks, credit/debit

For further information call Louie on 765-985-2000
or email:

Beautifully hand crafted from western red cedar,
walnut with ash seats and decking
(Build Specs)

Hand built canoes for sale
$1600 - $2000

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